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We offer one great different experience to move around Verona, by Segway you will save time and energy enjoying everything from a new point of view. Visit Verona on Segway.

Discover Verona from one new point of view by Segway, one easy, electric and self-balancing vehicle. Ideal for families,couples, individuals who want to enjoy a fantastic and costumed experience by working in small groups.Innovative and with a competitive staff, we aim at fascinating everyone who tries it, starting with a little training if you are new to Segway; putting you at ease and showing you everything which Verona has to offer.

Why choosing us is a profitable choice?
Why Segway?

1. Very easy to use and considered highly user-friendly, segway is an affirmed reality in each main city with millions of satisfied customers; what are you waiting? Give it a try!

2. Moreover thanks to segway we can meet all customer needs, pain and sweat will be only a remote memory, don't be worried if you may have problem in cycling, you need only to stand and enjoy it.

3. Furthermore you won't be alone, one person will be with you to give assistance if you may need it, we will provide you with audioguide which allows you to admire any verona marvel meanwhile you can take pics for a full immersion in our unbelievable experience.



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Verona Segway Food and Wine Tour
Experience dynamic Segway tour of Verona for one hour and then eat and drink like a local during the gastronomic walk through the streets of the historic center of Verona with 4 amazing gourmet stops.
What the experience includes: 1 hour segway tour with assistance and audioguide explaining all the main monuments of Verona city centre; tour leader taking you through 4 gourmet stops based on Veronese dishes: classic cheese and cold cut appetizers, taste of local Prosecco and the glorious Amarone wine; homemade gourmet pizza with mozzarella cheese and fresh tomato; taste of the extra virgin organic olive oil and a scoop of  the real Italian ice cream.


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